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How to Cut Electricity Bills 

If you are fed up with the escalating electricity prices, then you should take a number of steps to make the situation much better without compromising on your lifestyle. Cutting your electricity bills should be much easier than you think if you make some changes. Here are some of the ways to cut your electricity bills easily.

Replace Those Incandescent Light Bulbs

In case you are presently using luminous bulbs, it is time to replace them with solid fluorescents. It is estimated that using fluorescents can help to cut electricity consumption by at least $20. Furthermore, fluorescents emit less amount of heat in comparison to the incandescent light bulbs.

Close Those Window Curtains during Daytime

Windows exist to allow the entry of sunlight into the house. Nonetheless, too much sunlight will increase the temperature of the room. Make sure that those window curtains are closed during daytime in order to stabilize the temperature of your house and help prevent the air conditioner from reducing the temperature of your house to unprecedented levels.

Unplug All Electric Gadgets If Not in Use

Devices like monitors, microwaves, water heaters or even cellular phone chargers continue consuming power and generating heat when left connected to the source of power. Avoid switching such devices into standby mode.  Instead, be sure to unplug them from the source of power if you are not using them.

Wash as Many Clothes as Possible

Avoid using the washing machine each time you notice a dirty linen but ensure you wash as many clothes as possible at any one time. Replace warm water with cold water whenever you want to use the washing machine. By so doing, you can cut both electricity consumption and water bills. 

Get Energy Star Machines

In case you own old appliances that require excessive amount of power to operate, you need to purchase energy star devices. While certain energy star gadgets are quite expensive, they consume much less power as compared to the traditional machines. Therefore, assess all your electric gadgets and ensure they have the energy star sign, especially of you want to buy new electric devices. 

Look For an Alternative Power Supplier 

If the government has deregulated the energy sector in your state, then you can consider finding a different power supplier that offers lower electricity prices. Do a little bit of research and compare between deferent power companies that operate in your state. This will help you find the right deal for you. Picking a supplier that generates energy from renewable sources of energy will be a smart move since their charges are normally steady and competitive.

Surprisingly, you will not need to compromise on your lifestyle when wanting to cut electricity bills. Simply make the aforementioned changes and truthfully, you will make a significant difference on your monthly power consumption and the ultimate electricity bills. There are several other ways to reduce your monthly electricity consumption and save money in the process. Go online and look for other easy ways to cut your electricity bills.


How to Save Money on Your House Bills -Heating and Electricity  

Heating and Electricity expenses are on the top of our monthly bills during winter season. This is just normal, no one who wants to feel the freezing cold of the season and eventually get sick. It is our instinct to make our bodies warm. Since heating and electricity are frequently used, no wonder that it covers huge part of our utility expenses.

But there are ways to lower our heating and electricity bills.  These are simple ways that anyone could do to cut electricity costs. 

  1. Go back with conventional way.There’s beauty in going back with the traditional way to heat our bodies during winter season. It is natural, it is healthy and it saves us money.

Nothing can beat the natural warmth that a log fire  can give to our bodies. It gives the natural amount of heat that we need and it energizes our body.When on a fireplace , you could invite your family to join you so that all of you will feel warm and no one will find the need to put on the electricity.  Aside from savings, staying together  next  to a wood burning stove  could make the whole family bond after a busy day.

  1.  Wear socks.Our feet could get easily cold because of the pores. Coldness could easily enter the whole body thru our feet. This is why it is important to wear socks so that the coldness will not easily penetrate our body
  1. Get your mittens.It is not only our feet that get easily cold, our hands as well. Try to observe that when we feel cold; our first instinct is to rub our hands. The friction creates the heat and it pacifies our freezing body.  But instead of rubbing our hands every now and then or use a heater, it is best to wear mittens even when you are home. 
  1. Lower the heater’s temperature.Most of the households set their water heater temperature high when taking a shower during cold season. This should not be the case; you can lower the heater’s temperature, just the reasonable level that could provide enough heat to your body.

Take fast shower so that you will not feel cold when the hot water in your body is starting to evaporate. Try this for a month and you will see the amount that you have saved in your electricity costs.

  1. Open your blinds.Rather than turning on all your lights, it is still better to open or pull up your blinds to let the natural light enter your houses.  Minimizing the use of lights could save you a lot of money. If for example you turn on your lights for 10-12 hours a day, try to turn them on for 6 hours only on a daily basis.
  1. Experience the power of solar lights.Definitely, you will save a lot if you use solar lights at night rather than your ordinary light bulb. Solar lights are slowly gaining its popularity as an alternative to the usual lights being used at home. It is more cost-effective and eco-friendly.

If you are planning to buy solar lights, make sure that you will religiously put them outside during day time to get some energy from the sun .This energy converts into electricity. This way, you can effectively use them at night time.

  1. Turn to CFL Bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs).In case that you still prefer light bulb over solar lights because you don’t have time to place them outside of your house every now and then, you may use CFL or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs as an option.  It is reported that CFLs consume less than 75% of the ordinary light bulbs.

CFL is pricey though but they last way longer than the ordinary ones. You don’t need to replace all of your bulbs at home, just replace the ones that you are frequently using.

  1. Remove plugs.When you’re done using your appliances or gadgets, you have to remove the plugs to cut electricity costs. This is the common mistake that most of the household do. Even if you are not using the appliances there is still flow of electricity whether you are using them or not.

So, next time check if you have unplugged all of your appliances and gadgets when not in use or prior to leaving your home. 

Try to use these cost saving suggestions and evaluate its effect on your monthly electric bills. Cutting electricity costs need little sacrifice. Once you started to practice these tips it will become part of your habit and the next time you notice they become your second nature.

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